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CINEFÒRUM: We resume the Cinefòrums!


This month we have resumed the cineforums! On Tuesday, October 4, the activity was activated again and we were able to enjoy a discussion about the movie “The Wizard of…

ScienLit example of good practice


The Scientific Dialogues have been recognized as an example of Good Practice by the European Commission. This project , led by the Escola d’Adults La Verneda and of which FACEPA has been a partner, becomes an example for…

I Virtual workshops on the prevention of gender violence

I Virtual workshops on the prevention of gender violence: “Adult education and prevention, what scientific evidence do we have?” From the Federación de Asociaciones Culturales y Educativas de Personas Adultas ( FACEPA )   we…

ICT training for all

If you are a private person or an entity, and you want to carry out training in new communication technologies, contact FACEPA. Mail: Telephone: 933152969