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We publish the Curriculum of the European project Promociti.

You can now find the second publication of PROMOCITI project: A Curriculum to implement Active Citizenship in your Folk High School.

It started with a dream.

Imagine that Folk High Schools will become THE engines of Active Citizenship and democracy in the near future. They will be a (virtual) place where people can meet, discuss and act together in the sense of “We, the people!”. Folk High Schools and similar educational institutes will act as peacemakers that stand for positivity, diversity, respect and places of hope. Because adult education is a key to reach people‘s minds and awareness. So, they won ́t stop performing like this until society and living together in their areas has definitely changed…

This is the dream we dared to dream of when PROMOCITI had been developed and finally started at the beginning of 2022. This curriculum describes the steps we made towards this dream, it tells about the different topics and goals, which bothered different actors in the project. It offers information on a conducted survey amongst leaders and pedagogues of adult education centres on Active Citizenship.

Furthermore, it presents experiences that we could collect during a 2-module Train-the- Trainer seminar and we hope it will encourage other people and organisations to give (even) more attention to Active Citizenship based on common European values in the future – which we regard as a main task in adult education. A brief overview of Active Citizenship in the digital realm is provided as well.

This Curriculum is not intended as a systematic guideline on how one can initiate or carry out “Active Citizenship”-processes. The interested reader can pick the chapters that address him/her most, which seem most relevant to the own private or professional background and context. The main goal is to enhance civic engagement and participation by adult education based on common European values. This curriculum explains how different Folk High Schools in Europe do this and provides advice on how it can be implemented in your own Folk High School.



The concept of Active Citizenship can be understood in many ways and includes values, knowledge, skills and abilities. One way to understand the concept is that it is based on democratic values and human rights and emphasizes inclusion and participation, whether at the local, regional, national, European or global level. It is about the relationship between individuals and their communities and about the need for citizens to be able to act responsibly to solve common problems, whether it is maintaining the local volunteer fire department or issues such as xenophobia or climate change. All of this happens in Folk High Schools and rural education centers on a daily basis. PROMOCITI aimed to enable systematic recording, professionalization and further development for folk high schools and participants in the five participating countries.

The partners who were working on PROMOCITI are the association of adult education Federació d'Associacions Culturals i Educatives de PersonesAdultes (FACEPA) from Barcelona (Spain), the Folk High School FärneboFolkhögskola from Österfärnebo (Sweden), the Folk High School SPES Zukunftsakademie from Schlierbach (Austria) and the three associations of Folk High Schools from Austria, Poland and Germany, ArbeitsgemeinschaftBildungshäuserÖsterreich, OgólnopolskaSiećUniwersytetówLudowych and Verband der Bildungszentren im ländlichenRaum.


If you receive the current curriculum of The PROMOCITI Currículum for Educational Managers Europe, click and download it here.


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