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VILUMARA: Beginning of the tutored library at the Institut Can Vilumara

We currently have a new project underway that unites the training of family members and the tutored library (another AEE) together with the Institut Vilumara de Hospitalet. Next week we will begin our activity together with the institute to prepare the library of the educational center and leave it ready for the students.

As you know, from FACEPA we have been carrying out family training in different schools of maximum complexity and in unfavorable socioeconomic environments during 2021 and 2022. Family training is part of the Successful Educational Actions (AEE) that are supported by evidence scientific and have been recognized by the European Commission.

To this AEE we want to add in this project the tutored library, which offers a space outside the usual school hours and therefore extends the learning time, offering students a place where they can carry out school reinforcement activities or where they can can solve pending doubts. This space also favors greater inclusion since students with greater difficulty can reinforce the areas they need.


To participate in the 11º Adult Literacy Conference.