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Grup de dones

GRUP DE DONES: The meetings of the Grup de Dones are back

Next week, on Tuesday the 25th at 7:00 p.m., the meetings of the Grup de Dones will return!!! After the months of vacation and the launch of the month of September, this FACEPA group that has been in existence for 23 years is reactivated, where a group of women discuss social issues such as gender, ageism or the prevention of violence from respect and dialogic communication.

As you already know, the FACEPA Women’s Group is a space for equal dialogue between women from different groups, cultures and academic levels where they define and generate their own transformation process.

The task of the Grup de Dones has been recognized by international feminist theory as a clear example of the new feminism of the 21st century, Dialogical Feminism. This feminism collects the voices of all the women who until now had been left on the margins, such as women without academic qualifications, women who have recently arrived or women from non-hegemonic cultures. In this way, they propose a joint struggle based on solidarity to overcome situations of social and gender inequality.

Regarding the training of family members, we are already preparing the first training sessions that will begin to be given shortly. We will keep you informed!


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