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Our team

The team includes collaborators and remunerated people who take care of the day-to-day running of the organization from the most technical and economic aspects to the support to entities. Their weekly coordination is open to all the participants and its functioning is of assembly type.

The functioning of FACEPA is democratic and participative and is based on the decisions taken jointly by all the participants. decisions taken jointly by all the participants of the cultural and educational associations. cultural and educational associations.

General management assemblies as a long-term focal point

This is where the federation’s priorities for the current year are decided. They are generally held at least once a year.

Monthly assemblies, one of the keys to our functioning

Assemblies that are attended by a representative of each of the different commissions, activity groups and commissions, activity groups and federated entities. It is a space for global management.

Participatory commissions drive our activities

In order to carry out the objectives, activities and projects defined in the decision-making spaces, there are working commissions that promote specific activities.


To participate in the 11º Adult Literacy Conference.