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Our mission


Overcoming inequalities


Solidarity relationships between people and groups


Citizen participation in all areas

Our values

The Federación de Asociaciones Culturales y Educativas de Personas Adultas (FACEPA) is a non-profit organization that has been operating since 1996. In FACEPA we work to promote the associative movements of people without academic qualifications who participate in adult education processes. In this way, we build a democratic, fair and supportive society by creating spaces for participation.

All FACEPA‘s actions are based on the Successful Educational Actions (SEAs) accepted by the International Scientific Community. Therefore, we work on the basis of the latest scientific evidences in education to ensure successful results and, consequently, social impact.

We work to promote associative movements, understood as movements that give strength to all those groups that want to make their needs and demands heard.

At FACEPA we also demonstrate that participation is generated by taking part and deciding:

  • We create spaces for dialogue to share our opinions and elaborate educational and cultural proposals in order to generate training opportunities and community promotion.
  • We bring our opinions and demands to public debate and we fight against all inequalities and exclusions, whether they are based on gender, ethnicity or culture, age, educational or economic level, etc.


  • The main action of the organization is in the territory of Barcelona, specifically in the Bon Pastor neighborhood:
  • We are part of the CAB (Council of Associations of Barcelona)



  • Our projects reach people in the 4 Catalan provinces.
  • We are part of the “Taula del Tercer Sector Social de Catalunya”
  • We are part of the Unitary Platform against gender violence and we actively participate in CREA and Universitat de Barcelona’s research



  • Through European projects carried out with other entities related to Adult Education in Europe.
  • We are part of the EAEA network (European Association for the Education of Adults)
  • We are part of the ESBN network (European Basic Skills Network)


To participate in the 11º Adult Literacy Conference.