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The Dialogical Talks Commission consists mainly of representatives of entities federated to FACEPA, although it is open to anyone who wishes to participate. This commission is in charge of the continuous activities of the Tertulias Dialógicas as well as the management of the national and international congresses.

The Tertulias are cultural and educational activities that are carried out in different spaces such as schools for adults, parents’ associations, women’s groups, cultural and educational entities.

The Tertulias are recognized by professors from universities such as Harvard, Massachusetts, Norder Illinois, Sao Carlos in Brazil, Don Minho in Portugal and the University of Victoria in Australia.

The results are convincing: through their methodology, the “tertulias” get people who have not read any book to enjoy the works of universal classic literature and to become involved in cultural and educational entities that fight for an education based on democratic and egalitarian values.

Other recognitions that this activity has received come from personalities such as the Nobel Prize winner José Saramago, Eduardo Galeano or the singer-songwriter José Antonio Labordeta. Saramago, in reference to one of the congresses, commented: “I would have liked very much to attend the congress, since your work plan is so extraordinary and so necessary to make the individuality of each person conscious in a society that we are trying to make more and more solidary”.

“Mom, what are you doing reading this book?”

This question was asked by a son to his mother when for the first time he saw her reading a book. This book was Kafka’s Metamorphosis


To participate in the 11º Adult Literacy Conference.