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The work of the European project MOTIV-ACTION continues!

During the past 10 and 11 October we traveled to Bordeaux to continue working on the Motiv-Action project!

This project seeks to create new job opportunities for adults who are who are looking for a job, as well as improve the digital orientation services of All Europe. The project is made up of 10 partners from 9 different countries, most of them They are adult education centers and job agencies.

In the meeting we have just secured the technical and content aspects of the project. You can currently see the main result of the project: a virtual classroom for job seekers!

The virtual classroom is completely free, and in it you can find many tools to increase your skills and abilities. Also, all content can be heard, so as to ensure that people who cannot read or who have difficulties can also access this knowledge.

In this link you can create an account and navigate the virtual classroom:



To participate in the 11º Adult Literacy Conference.